This is a first article for this blog. I’m so excited. Because I have never written in English before. I have my Thai blog also, it’s easy to write in my native language right? LOL. So after you enjoy here, please correct my grammar or anything for me. I appreciate that.


While I’m writing this, I’m at my office… it’s not a good behavior, please don’t do that. But I have a strong feeling to start my blog. So I have to write it down! LOL.


I just finished a meeting with my team. My boss briefed about small enhancement project. I like meeting, because we can have a little chitchat and keep in touch together. I like to be a busy worker. Because I feel good, like my boss gives a trust on me that I can do.  And I will proud myself once I can finish my work.


Sometimes I was bored about work or something… yeah, everyone is. When I was bored, I don’t have motivation or inspiration to done my work. I think it’s a problem. But I have a solution to deal with this.


I have some solutions for myself.


  1. Leave it for a while.

When I feel bad, has no motivation to work. I will leave it for a while to reset my mind. I like to walk around my office. Sometimes I will have a little chitchat with my colleagues, but I have to make sure they are not busy and have a good mood too. Or maybe I will go down to see the plants around by office. I think green color makes me feel refresh. Or maybe I will eat some snack… but please make sure it’s healthy for me; I don’t want to get fat.


  1. Go to toilet.

It’s funny, really? I know you will think like that. But it works for me. I will go to toilet to look my face in a mirror. To smile and look at myself. After I smile with myself I will feel better. Like I will be happy because I smile to myself.


  1. Listen to favorite songs.

I have many many many favorite songs to boost up myself to make me feel better. It’s not for work only, I’d like to listen to my favorite songs even I was happy or was jogging too. I’d like to listen pop-rock or rock like ‘Paramore’ or ‘X-Japan’, sometimes I’d like to listen softer one like ‘Taylor Swift’, ‘Kina Grannis’ or ‘Imaginary Future’. Sometimes for instruments only, no vocal. Depends on my moods LOL. It helps me a lot.. it really helps.


  1. Swap to work on other tasks.

If I have other work, I will swap to work on other task first. Even though if I cannot do anything much, but at least it will has any progress. This is a good enough. But I rarely use this solution. Because I have to boost up myself before continue my work. It will be more efficient and proactive.



I know there are many solutions that I did not mention it. Those are just my way. And I would like to know your solutions to boost up yourselves. Let’s shared!


2 thoughts on “Started!

  1. Ritz says:

    Your first post is really good and interesting too. I must say you are good at ur english as well. These days we dont chit chat much in office, compared to old office. Hehe. Keep blogging!


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