Take a deep breath

Last week was suck!!!

I was tired … tooooooo tired, I was depressed, I was stressed out, I cried a lot. There are many problems that I had to solve. There are many people that I had to handle.

Toooooooooooooooo tired. But I think I’m okay now.

Now I’m taking a deep breath…

Inhale… exhale…

Inhale… exhale…

Inhale… exhale…

I always say “Everything will be alright” to me. That’s absolutely true. Everything will get through and everything will be fine. There are many people who get in trouble, and they can handle. Me too. I think I can handle, even not in a good way but I think I can handle and accept consequences that from my decision to solve my problems.

I think the problem is, I focused everything, everybody but myself. I forgot myself, my happiness and my quality of life.

So from now on, I would focus on myself, my work, my financial, my health, my hobbies and my independent happiness. I have many things to do more than focus on everything but me.

Sorry to myself, that I forgot you for a moment.

So this week I would take care of myself more, take a break and take a deep breath. And just love myself more. And I would keep doing those things from now on…

Yes, everything will be alright.


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